A couple who whitened their teeth

Making a good impression is paramount to success in life and love. So when those big, potentially life-changing events happen, you go to great lengths to be prepared.

You’ve thought of everything: a trendy new outfit, a professional blow out, a manicure. Depending on the occasion, you might even have your car detailed! But what about your teeth? Did you think about how your teeth might impact the way others react to you?

Here are some cases when the appearance of your teeth can work for — or against — you.

A Job Interview

Your resume says it all. You’re well qualified for the job, and you know you’re ready to advance to the next level. You have your suit cleaned and pressed. You spend hours rehearsing answers to potential questions. You’re ready.

When the day comes, you reach to shake hands with the interviewer and confidently flash your million-dollar smile. Problem is though, your smile is worth about 5 bucks.

A stained, yellow smile gives the impression that you don’t properly care for your teeth. And that message was conveyed to the interviewer loud and clear. Whether it’s warranted or not, he or she may think you’re “just not the right fit” for the company.

A First Date

So much can go wrong on a first date. What if you knock over a glass of wine during dinner? Rip your pants getting out of the car? Get so nervous you say something incredibly stupid?

The good news is, most first dates are free from the types of embarrassments we fear the most. However, there could be one sticking point you haven’t considered. Your teeth.

Giving your date a coquettish smile just doesn’t have the same effect if your teeth are dull and dingy.

Professional Photos

Capturing a moment in time with beautiful professional photographs is an endearing way to make family memories.

To make it really special, you plan everything to the nth degree. Coordinating outfits. A beautiful setting. You might even have your hair and makeup done by a professional. These photos will be hanging on your walls for years to come, right? Why not look your best!

But when you get the proofs from the photographer, you notice a problem. Your teeth look extremely yellow against the white of your daughter’s dress. Sure, it can be corrected digitally, but isn’t a little embarrassing to have to ask?

Your Wedding Day

The day you say “I do” tops the list of days you want to look your best. All eyes will be on you, including those of your soon-to-be spouse. You need to look perfect.

So imagine this. When you turn to be introduced as the newly married couple, your family and friends are greeted with a dull, yellow smile instead of a brilliant white grin that says “happily ever after.”

Your smile is one of those pesky little details that can easily be overlooked when planning a momentous occasion like a wedding. But don’t panic. If the big day is fast approaching, you’ve still got time.

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