Our Revolutionary Approach

WhiteNow Smiles is a revolutionary whitening system that was designed, by a practicing dentist, from the ground up with our customer’s experience in mind. We wanted to answer a fundamental question: Why does 80% of the population want whiter teeth but less than 1% schedule a professional whitening? The three main barriers for patients are cost, convenience, and sensitivity. Our app and products are geared toward solving those three components!

As a provider, we wanted to help add to your bottom line by utilizing empty chair space while keeping the logistics simple.

Our provider business model is streamlined and the process is as simple as:

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WhiteNow Smiles is currently looking for partners like you to join our ever expanding network of whitening providers. We are excited about what this means for your business as well as your bottom line. For more information, please send us an inquiry and we will follow-up with our provider information kit.

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