A couple taking a selfie after teeth whitening

Your smile says a lot about you, which is why it’s important to want it to be nice. Your smile is typically what you greet people with and what they will notice first. Because of this you want your smile to stand out. One way to make your smile stand out and be beautiful is through professional teeth whitening. The many options available for professional teeth whitening can make your head spin. It may seem impossible to figure out which way of whitening your teeth is best. Luckily there are services that offer professional teeth whitening in an easy to understand and schedule format. WhiteNow Smiles is a phone app designed to make professional teeth whitening easy for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing how to whiten your teeth. Often you may not know exactly what you want out of your teeth whitening experience. It’s important that no matter the route you go, you and your wallet are comfortable. Let’s look at the top three factors to keep in mind when getting your teeth professionally whitened.

One factor that can turn people away from getting their teeth professionally whitened is the cost alone. On average, the cost of whitening is around $399. That’s no small amount and can put a strain on the average person’s wallet. WhiteNow Smiles cuts down the cost for professional teeth whitening to less than $100. They will help you schedule an appointment in an office with an empty chair that would otherwise be unused. You will be able to have your teeth whitened at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality and safety.

Life is busy which means your time is valuable. Getting your teeth professionally whitening can take a chunk of time out of your busy day. The WhiteNow Smiles app makes it easy to schedule a professional teeth whitening appointment within a short amount of time. After downloading the app, you will be able to choose an appointment within 24-hours of your desired time slot. By scheduling, paying and filling out all your paperwork within the app, you’re able to just show up to your scheduled appointment. Typically, scheduling a whitening appointment involves consultations, paperwork, and may be scheduled out weeks in advance. If you have an event you want to whiten your teeth for, such as a wedding, vacation, etc. you won’t want to wait. WhiteNow Smiles makes it possible to get your teeth whitened fast and at your convenience.

A big issue people worry about when whitening their teeth is the discomfort that may come during and after the process. Sometimes, the components used to whiten teeth are strong enough to cause sensitivity for weeks after whitening. WhiteNow Smiles dental experts use a fluoride based whitening treatment with anti-sensitivity agents that work to reduce sensitivity. Although sensitivity is normal and there may be some after a whitening treatment, WhiteNow Smile whitening products are designed to reduce sensitivity and create a more comfortable overall whitening experience.

Professional teeth whitening doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be made easy when three main components are being met: cost, convenience, and sensitivity. When all three of these issues are met, you know you’ve found a teeth whitening provider that can make it easy and affordable for you. You won’t have to worry about the time or money it will take to get your teeth professionally whitened.

WhiteNow Smiles is a revolutionary whitening system designed by a practicing dentist from the ground up. Their app and products are geared towards providing patients with cost effective solutions, convenience and reduced sensitivity. For more information, visit the WhiteNow Smiles website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play today.