Your smile says a lot about you and is one of the first things people notice. So to make a good first impression, you want your smile to look it’s best! Today, many people are turning to teeth whitening services to keep their smile white and bright. There are many different teeth whitening options available and it’s easy to whiten your teeth. However one thing that is often overlooked, is how to keep your teeth white after your whitening procedure. Following a few simple tips, you can keep your teeth as white as possible until your next treatment.

Touch Up Your Smile

After a professional teeth-whitening procedure, you will be given a touch-up pen to take home with you. This will allow you to easily touch up your whitening treatment and keep it from fading, especially in the week directly following any whitening procedure when your teeth are still porous. Once you notice that your smile is fading, simply use your touch-up pen to keep your teeth white. You should also regularly use the pen to stop any fading before it happens.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

It’s easy to forget that our daily habits cause our teeth to become stained. It’s important after any whitening treatment to watch what you eat and drink, especially in the week following the treatment. The best indication of whether food and drink will excessively stain your teeth is color and pigmentation. Darker colored drinks such as coffee and soda will stain your teeth, especially if you are drinking them consistently during the day. Using a straw will help to keep the liquid off your tooth’s surface and will lessen the degree of staining. Foods such as blueberries, blackberries and pasta sauce can also cause a duller smile.

Because it is often our favorite drinks and snacks that are the biggest stain causing culprits, you probably won’t want to give them up completely. Drinking water after eating and snacking is a great way to rinse your teeth and will help wash away staining agents sitting on the surface of your teeth. Keeping a bottle of water with you will remind you to rinse your mouth after meals and encourage you to drink more water, an added benefit for overall health.

Practice Good Hygiene

The best course of action for keeping your smile healthy and white is to practice good oral hygiene each and every day. Regular flossing and brushing will remove any food particles and drink residue. This will also help prevent bacteria, plaque and tartar to build up on your teeth, causing deep stains and eventually tooth decay. Neglecting your teeth can cause deeper stains to form that may not be able to be removed with teeth whitening treatments.

It’s easy to keep your teeth whitening treatment lasting longer when you follow these simple steps. By incorporating some simple daily activities and continuing a healthy dental hygiene routine you can keep your newly whitened smile looking it’s best and brightest!

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