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Book 24-Hours in Advance

Why schedule your whitening treatment a week or more in advance when you can book it within 24-hours? Our app will help you locate the closest available teeth whitening provider and schedule your appointment within 24-hours. Don’t wait a week or a month to show off your pearly whites! Enjoy a brighter smile as early as tomorrow!

No Paperwork!

Filling out long forms and paperwork is a thing of the past with our new White Now Smiles app. The app takes all of your medical information and consent forms and relays them to your whitening provider – saving you time in the office. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your new dazzling smile!

Safe, Secure In-App Payment

WhiteNow Smiles is dedicated to saving you time and money while protecting your privacy. Our new app allows you to pay for your appointment within the app without giving the provider your credit card information. Safe. Secure. Fast. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Tell Us What You Think

Have you found an excellent whitening professional by using the app? Share your experience with the in-app feedback function! Everyone benefits from honest feedback, and providers love hearing when their customers are happy.