FAQ: Everything You Need to Know!

A dental provider is a dentist office while a certified provider is a non-dental office that has been certified by White Now Smiles. Certified providers are trained by dentists to complete whitening treatment procedures.
A dentist can put a barrier on your gums and use a higher concentrated whitening agent. Since a non-dentist cannot use the same barrier, they use a whitening agent with a lesser concentration. This lower concentrated formula also helps reduce the cost of your whitening treatment.
Dentists: 37% Hydrogen Peroxide
Certified: 16% Hydrogen Peroxide
Each patient is provided with a custom bleaching pen to use after leaving the office. Patients are cautioned to avoid stain-causing habits and use the pen as instructed to get better results from the at-home follow-up treatment.
Always check with your dentist to make sure you do not have cavities or other issues before whitening. For those with healthy teeth and gums, you can receive a whitening treatment every three months.