An image of the WhiteNow teeth whitening app on a phone


Getting a whiter smile shouldn’t be a hassle. You shouldn’t have to fuss with awkward whitening strips at home or wait several months or weeks to get an appointment with your dentist. WhiteNow Smiles is now offering people in Raleigh, NC a much more convenient and user-friendly option for professional teeth whitening. If you want whiter teeth for a photo opportunity tomorrow or to look great at an upcoming event, get to know the most convenient teeth whitening service in the area.

Schedule Your Appointment Right From Your Phone

Whether you’re an Android user or a die-hard Apple fan, you probably do pretty much everything on your phone these days. Sending email, ordering take-out, buying clothing, you can do it all on your phone. Now you can also book a teeth whitening appointment through the WhiteNow Smiles app.

An app isn’t the only feature that makes WhiteNow Smiles the most convenient option. It also allows you to book your whitening appointment just 24 hours in advance, since the app is designed to fill in unused chair time at dentist’s offices or certified providers. You can get your teeth whitened on short notice and the dentist or certified provider is able to book an extra patient into a time slot that would otherwise be unfilled.

Choose From a Range of Providers

WhiteNow Smiles is currently available in Raleigh, NC, and a number of different providers have signed on so far. The app puts you in contact with a number of area dentists who offer whitening services as well as certified providers. A certified provider isn’t a dentist, but is a professional who’s been trained by a dentist and vetted by WhiteNow Smiles.

There are some differences between seeing a dentist and a certified provider, from cost to the strength of the whitening agents they can use on your teeth. Using the app, you can pick the provider that best meets your needs.

Save Some Trees and Lots of Time

One of the more annoying parts of seeing a new provider is having to fill out reams of paperwork. When you book through the WhiteNow Smiles app, you provide all of the information the dentist or certified provider needs. You won’t have to fill out form after form before your appointment or arrive at the office 30 minutes early just to complete paperwork.

Pay Securely

Paying for dental services can be a bit dicey. In some cases, you don’t know how much you’ll be charged until after the treatment or you don’t know if the provider will accept your preferred form of a payment. The WhiteNow teeth whitening service takes the guesswork out of payment. Instead of bringing cash, a check or a credit card to the provider, you pay for your appointment directly through the app. You don’t have to hand over your credit card or personal information to the provider and you won’t be surprised by a large bill from the dentist.

Get Actual Results

WhiteNow Smiles doesn’t just make scheduling and paying for a teeth whitening treatment more convenient. It also makes the treatment process more convenient. Do you really want to use whitening strips for a week or two, in hopes that you’ll maybe see some sort of result? When you see a dentist or certified provider, he or she is able to use a much stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth than you’ll find in over-the-counter products. You’ll get a brighter, whiter smile, in pretty much no time at all.

WhiteNow Smiles is a revolutionary teeth whitening service designed by a practicing dentist from the ground up. Their app and products are geared towards providing patients with cost effective solutions, convenience and reduced sensitivity. For more information, visit the WhiteNow Smiles website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play today.